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Pain After Passing A Kidney Stone

Written By: admin - May• 22•12

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Frequently Asked Questions

    back pain after passing kidney stone?
    i passed a small kidney stone 2 days ago. i was in severe pain, nausea / vomiting, sweats. anyways the pain was gone once i passed it but i still get a weird sensation on the side i had the stone. like if i lay a certain way or sit a certain way. i have been drinking tons of water and i know it's not another stone, it's more like a muscle spasm. is this normal after passing a stone ?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is normal. I have passed kidney stones before and i felt pain for about a week after from it. Keep drinking alot of water and also cranberry juice is the best thing for your kidney and bladder. It will help clean them out. It is kind of like if you were to get a tooth pulled. You still have pain afterwards from it.....this is the same thing....a kidney stone has all rough edges and when it passes it is rubbing against the inside if you as it is coming out. So you will experience some pain but it will go away eventually.

    Pain after Passing Kidney Stone?
    For the last two weeks, my doctor has been monitoring me because I was passing a 6mm stone. If it hadn't passed by Wed, I would have been in surgery.

    However, it passed tonight (after a lot of pain). The problem is that I'm still having pain. There's also burning when urinating.

    I've had lots of stones before, it's a family thing...but there was never pain afterwards. Is this normal?
    BTW, I've been on Cipro so I shouldn't have an infection...I do see the doc later this morning.

    • ANSWER:
      Get it checked out if it doesn't clear up... you may have a kidney infection. My mom got one after having a kidney stone, she had similar symptoms to what you are describing.

    Why am I still having pain after passing a kidney stone?
    Yesterday morning I awoke to a harsh spasming pain, like it was in or around my clitoris. It felt as though it was being squeezed very hard 2-3 times then maybe 10 seconds with no pain, then 2-3 times again. I figured maybe me and bf had a little rougher sex than usually, so I took Tylenol and a hot bath.Didn't ease the pain. A few minutes later I felt this horrible pain in the middle lower area of my back. Before this spasming and back pain I never felt pain or the urge to pee. I talked to our room mate and he explain that it sounded like a kidney stone. So chugged cranberry juice and lots of water. I decided to hold my pee to flush it out at once, when I noticed all my pain had went away. I used an extra strainer our roommate had from a previous stone, and I saw two stones that looked about the size of a grain of sea salt (not table salt). Again it never hurt to pee. I was able to pass the stones 3 hours after the onset of me first pain. Yesterday afternoon, I felt the spasm feeling again and I still feel it now 24 hrs later, but no other pain. Why am I still having pain after passing the stones, and why this weird pain in that area?? I have had my share of UTIs, This pain feeling is not like that, it hurts above the pee hole. Please help!!

    • ANSWER:
      These stones might be coming down from the kidneys. Please call a doctor and he/she can test it by CT scan and if this is what the pain is all about they can get rid of them by a radioactive method that explodes them into small pieces so that you can pass them easily. You can also get a prescription for some muscle relaxers that will also help. The sooner you do this the quicker you'll feel better. If you start to show any blood or the pain gets unbearable and changes please have someone drive you to the ER. Good luck and God Bless

    Pain After Passing a Kidney Stone?
    About a month ago I had a lithotropsy done (ultrasonic blast) to break up my kidney stone into pieces. I never had any actual pain in my ureter, just in my kidney. They x-rayed me after the procedure and said they didn't see the stone anymore, so they assumed that they blasted it into pieces small enough to pass without pain. But a few days later, I still had an aching pain in upper back where the stone was. A month later, the pain is even more bother-some. Do you think it's just the scar tissue/irritation from the old kidney stone, or do you think I have another kidney stone?

    • ANSWER:

    How long does it take for kidney stone pain to pass?
    My boyfriend passed a kidney stone earlier this morning, and is still weak from the pain in his side. He has to go to work tomorrow afternoon and his job is labor intensive. Is it normal to still have pain after you pass a stone, and if so, how long does it take to go away?

    Thanks :]

    • ANSWER:
      poor boyfriend it is painful i was in the same situation for a week U.S doctors said the only way was gettin the stone out but my aunt bought me some mexican pills which i saw a diffrence in 3 days no more pain i noticed i pee like water with sand but it said it was normal i also drank cranberry grape juice and water

    is it normal to still have mild pain in the kidney a week after passing a stone?
    i still have mild pain in the kidney and flank its been about a week since my stone passed. is it normal to still have pain this long after the stone has passed?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, that is normal...kidney stones pose a lot of will just take a little more time to heal. god bless.

    How long should you have back pain after passing kidney stones?
    I went to the ER last wednesday not knowing what was wrong - they did a CT Scan & Xray and could not find a kidney stone but told me the tube coming out of my kidney was dialated making them "think" i HAD a kidney stone but passed it while i was waiting on my urine test to come back (blood in urine). If i sit up straight it hurts my back on the left side (where i was hurting when i went to the ER mind you i was in massive pain shaking, sweating, freezing, nauseated...)........ should i be worried because I took a pain killer they prescribed and i can still feel the pain when sitting up straight. thanks..........
    Ok, so maybe I didn't give good enough details - the LEFT side of my back is hurting despite taking the pain killers. The spot where the doctor told me my kidney would be - not my bladder.

    • ANSWER:
      Three members of my family have had Kidney stones, including myself. Once the stone passes the pain is gone. If you are still having pain there is something else going on. You could have inflammation in the ureter that is causing urine to back up into your kidney. This would cause pain and possibly infection. Go see a Urologist. The Emergency room doctors are trained to treat emergencies, not kidney stones.

    pain after you have passed a kidney stone?
    i passed my stone on christmas morning! and now i have pain in my back, feels kind of like my kidney, could it still be sore? this is my first day back at work, and im just sitting all day. also, does anyone know how to prevent them in the future? i do not ever want anther one!

    • ANSWER:
      Less calcium.
      Milk is a big part of what causes them.

    how long does pain persist after passing a kidney stone?

    • ANSWER:
      Passing the stone is agony but the pain soon goes when the stone is gone.

    should you still have nagging pain in your side after passing a kidney stone?

    • ANSWER:

    Pain after kidney stone passed.?
    Ok, I have passed my kidney stone, it was extremely painful. Although people say it is immediate relief, and it was until I had to pee again. I didn't feel any pain the next time I went pee until I was almost finished peeing, then there is slight pain, not much but it is there.. Is that an infection? Or just healing? Anyone have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      well you really need to see a Dr. your uterers are tiny and are probably swollen with irritation from the calcium stone my urologist says drink LOTS OF water and Lemon water i like hot water with fresh lemon and sugar its like lemonade it keeps you from making calcium stones LIMIT or avoid your dairy also the dr can give you tablets like an iodine that sooth and numb you as you void , you may have another stone that is stuck so get another KUB xray drink cranberry juice is also good hot teas pomagranet juice is good also the citric acid will help dissolve the stones but DIET is key

    Will the pain go away after my kidney stone passes?
    I've been waiting a week for my stone to pass and haven't felt much pain since the initial pain, until now. My lower back and groin area hurt really bad and I have a constant urge to urinate but nothing much comes out. Please tell me all of this will go away when I finally pass the thing!

    • ANSWER:
      HELL'S YEA! it will go away when it passes.

    Sure you know when you have kidney stone pain, but is it possible to pass the stone without knowing it?
    It's a long story...but I recently had an emergency room visit involving the worst lower abdominal/pelvic pain I've ever experienced. It happened out of nowhere in the middle of the night. I was sure something really terrible was happening. To make a long story short, regular xrays and a urine and blood test were all done. This did not yield any definite answers besides ruling out pregnancy and appendicitis. The doctor decided to give me a laxative on a whim...because he couldn't see anything physically wrong. He said he wanted to do an ultrasound. I had already been there 6 hours so I asked him if I could just take the laxative and come back if it didn't fix the pain.

    So the constant pain went away, but every so often after that I still got a twinge of that terrible pain.

    So I'm hoping someone with kidney stone experience or a nurse can tell me whether or not that sounds like a kidney stone, and if a kidney stone can pass without you knowing.
    I hadn't really thought about kidney stones until I had heard that one of my friends had one. So out of curiosity I went onto and checked out some information on them.

    I also know that an ultrasound might've shown a kidney stone...and that I probably shouldn't have refused it. But I was on vacation, and spending 7 hours in a Canadian ER was the last thing I wanted to be doing.
    Well the problem with the urine test they did was that I was menstruating that day and there was blood in the sample I gave them....also, my blood cell count was low and my platelets were high. I'm also pretty that's why the blood cell count it always so low.

    • ANSWER:
      Kidney stones can be as a spec which can only be properly seen under a microscope, or as large as or sometimes larger than a marble. Small kidney stones usually do not cause any noticeable symptoms. Many people with very small kidney stones, usually excrete them from the body (in the urine), without even noticing. If stones are large enough to cause obstruction of the urine flow, then they can create quite a bit of discomfort.
      It sounds to me that you may have had a medium to large kidney stone. It is quite possible for kidney stones that are not excessively large, to be dislodged by themselves. It usually happens during urination (hence the reason, people with kidney stones should drink lots of water).
      A word of caution: Persons who previously had kidney stones are at greater risk of recurrence. Also, persons with relatives who have or had this condition are at risk of being affected by it. So, watch your diet and drink adequate amounts of water daily.
      For more information on kidney stones, visit

    Can you have kidney pain after a stone passes a few days later?
    I passed a kidney stone on Tuesday, I still have been having discomfort sometimes in in my back to side of my abdomen. They took a CT scan, and didn't mention only 1 stone, so I wasn't worried about having more. I had one before years ago, passed it pretty quick so I didn't have any discomfort later. This one took almost 2 days to pass, I know it would most likely cut you with the little barbs as it moves out, but didn't know how long it might last. They said I didn't have a UTI so just wondering if this is natural to the healing process if anyone knows?

    • ANSWER:
      Some people hurt for a week or so after passing a stone. If it gets severe, see the doctor again.

    Passing a kidney stone RIGHT NOW.Is this pain going to get worse?10 points.?
    I have had a kidney stone stuck in my right kidney for a little while.
    Not sure how long it's actually been there but have had kidney pain for a while. Maybe a couple of weeks.

    They found the stone doing a CT scan of my lower back after I hurt it at work. They weren't even looking for a stone.

    Tonight my back pain is not responding at all to the pain killers I have taken (2x 50mg Tramal, 2x Panadeine Forte and 2x Neurofen) and was 'gripped' with intense groin pain. After a while though it eased up to an annoying ache. Then 'gripped' again. Almost making me fall each time through pain. It's back to an ache.
    Between my back and groin I'm uncomfortable but not in agony.

    My questions are will this back/groin pain get worse?
    Will it go from being constant in my back hip area to constant in my groin?
    Is this normal? Or unusual?

    Any comments are welcome but I would love someone who has passed them or one to answer.

    Lay it down on the line!
    DON'T lie to me. I would rather hear the worst truth, unlike when I was in labour, and be prepared for the worse. Which makes me cope with the pain a LOT EASIER.

    Just to let you know, my labour was a 72 hour labour with NO painkillers at all. Not even paracetamol! So my pain threshold is VERY HIGH.

    Sorry this is so long.

    10 points and thumps up for all answers. Except Trolls.

    Thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      well it shouldnt be any worse than child birth.. however depending on the size of the stone it may hurt a fair bit. my brother passed one just recently and boy did he let everyone know..

      but just take some panadol or heavyer to ease the pain abit

    Is there usually abdominal pain after you pass a stone?
    Is it possible to suffer from abdominal pain after you pass a kidney stone?

    • ANSWER:
      It might be the bladder infection causing the pain.

      The two go hand in hand. It doesn't always have to burn when you pee to have a bladder infection.

      Symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) may include:

      * Pain or burning when you urinate.
      * An urge to urinate frequently but usually passing only small amounts of urine.
      * Dribbling (inability to control urine release).
      * Pain or a feeling of heaviness in your lower abdomen.
      * Reddish or pinkish urine.
      * Foul-smelling urine.
      * Cloudy urine.
      * Pain in your back just below the rib cage, on one side of your body (flank pain).
      * Fever and chills.
      * Nausea and vomiting.

    How long after the pain starts should it take for a kidney stone to pass?
    I was diagnosed with the stone on Monday but have actually had pain since Saturday. Today is Thursday and I don't have any less pain. I've heard the stone can become blocked and need surgical removal, how long should it be before I should be worried it won't pass normally.

    • ANSWER:

    I passed my kidney stone at last after 2 weeks on friday but still have a severve pain down my leg and groin i?
    I have been in pain for over 2 weeks and an x-ray department confirmed a kidney stone which at last passed on Friday but I thought that the pain would just go away but I still have a severe pain that shoots down my leg and into my groin is this normal? How much longer do I have to put up with pain?

    • ANSWER:
      I thought you were meant to be medicated if you have a kidney stone? You should ask your doctor

    Is it common to pass another kidney stone soon after passing one?
    I was diagnosed in the ER with one Tues. night, passed it out of my body Friday. Today (Sat.)having mild back pain it possible that I had more than one stone and they're just taking awhile to all come loose from my kidney or something? Or is it just likely that the first one left my urinary tract sore? I'm going to a urologist on Thurs.

    • ANSWER:
      You likely had more than one stone. Depending on what kind of test they did at the ER, the stones should've shown up.

      Good luck.

    why do I have adominal pain even after passing the stone? how could I make it better?
    I had kidney stone twice. This time I passed the stone but I still have a faint pain in the same side of stomach area.
    After a costly CT scan the doctor said it might be due to the trauma of passing the stone and offered no medcine.
    I still have this pain at different times of the day more notibly in the morning after waking up. Can anyone gave me any solution or know how long this will continue.

    • ANSWER:
      drink apple juice and even apple cider vineger i dont know why but it will release any other stones and make you feel better i did it worked for me

    ?Kidney Stone Pain??
    My husband presented a couple of weeks ago with moderate back pain. It went away on its own. This past weekend brought us to the ER with severe back pain that he rated at 8/10, he's passed kidney stones before, so the score is not to be sneazed at. They gave him panadole, biprufen and morphine, the pain stopped. After what was presumed a negative blood in urine test and a couple of hours they sent him home.

    My question is as he's had kidney stones before (11years ago) and his probability of having kidney stones again is very high, should this diagnosis have been dismissed? Does it warant further investigation (I.e. ultrasound and/or CT scan).? I would think so, but perhaps I'm being over critical. I'm not happy they are leaving it. Isn't it important to know there is something there even if it's not travelling at the moment. My thinking is if there is stones, and they turn out to be too big to pass, they should be blasted! Why put him through unnecessary pain if it can be avoided?
    Update: After 1 ER visit and 2 GP's we finally have a booking for CT scan. He's still has mild back pain.

    • ANSWER:
      Both times I've had stones, I went to the ER. I was given CT Scans to determine the diagnosis, placement and size of the stones. They did blood tests each time, but the first time I had one, no blood was detected in my urine. The second time, blood was present in all urine samples up until passing it.
      My regular doctor was able to do nothing for me except give me more pain meds. I was instructed to see a urologist, who determined I was able to pass it on my own, which I did.
      Good luck to your husband-I feel so bad for him!

    Pain after kidney stones?
    Is it normal to feel a dull aching pain in the side after passing a kidney stone? (It passed a day and a half ago)

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. When Kidney Stones pass they can damage the tubes leading away from the kidneys. If the pain persists or gets worse please seek immediate medical attention.

    Urge to urinate after passing kidney stone?
    I just passed my first kidney stone yesterday...only symptom after the excruciating back pain (which I attributed to an out of line pelvis until the CT scan showed otherwise) was the urge to urinate all the time. Dr gave me flomax and I passed it 3 days later (which was yesterday)...

    I should have lost all urges to urinate at this point, but I am still feeling it (NO WHERE near as bad as it was). Is this just some left-over sensations that will go away in a day or two? Or perhaps it is psychological since that's all I've thought about for a week? Possibly I am expecting it to be gone and therefore, I try to feel if its gone, which of course as you probbaly know, makes it worse. Or maybe it could be the fact that my right ureter was blocked by the stone, and now my bladder isnt used to having urine from both sides and is getting back to normal?

    I'm going back to the dr Wednesday but that is 3 days away. SHould I be concerned about this? Or is this something that may be normal?

    • ANSWER:
      This could be several things. First, the stone might have broken off and you still might have some pieces in the ureter semi-blocking it. Then another, more common problem is that since you're so used to being completely broken off on one side, the urine might be stretched out and you might need muscle exercises to tighten it back up again. This happens allot in heavy people after they either lose weight or women that have problems after a pregnancy when the fetus lays on the bladder, or other area's that help us urinate change status this way. Please give yourself a few days time to get back to normal. If, for some reason you get worse, or the urine stops completely have someone take you to the ER asap. Good luck and God Bless

    The pain after Kidney Stone Surgery?
    I had kidney stone so i had Laser treatment and the doctor put stent. Then on Tuesday I removed the stent and came back home. But I didnt feel any pain on my right kidney at the day I came home and next day but after 2 days have passed, the pain all of a sudden have occured on a break of a day. Since then the pain occurs somewhere from 1am to 4am and when i wake up next day in the morning, I strange feel nothing at all. But then it occurs again. Is this normal? or are there any treatment that i can try to get rid of the pain? Please Help me guys...I've never been so desperate in my life :(

    • ANSWER:
      A pain which is occurring after a pain free period can be due to an infection setting in. So I would like to suggest that you should consult your surgeon if pain keeps on rising. but do not get panic. A urinary tract infection can easily be cured with antibiotics.

    Still experiencing pain after kidney stone removal.?
    Had a CT scan that showed a 5-6mm stone. 4 days later went for surgery to have it removed and it was no longer there. I had a stent put in for a week. Dr. feels i may have passed the stone or it moved to a different location. Still having flank pain and still blood in urine. Going back today for another CT scan. What could be goin on?

    • ANSWER:

    Kidney stone pain??
    Five nights ago, my boyfriend woke up in the middle of the night in unbearrable pain. We went to the emergency room and after a blood test, urine sample and a scan of some sort - he was diagnosed with kidney stones. We went home that same night with some pain killers and a brief instruction sheet.

    It has been nearly a week now and he is still in moderate and consistent pain. The biggest concern is - if it passes naturally like they think it should (it's close, it's about 4mm), when is it the most painful? We have done some research online but there are inconsistent comments.

    Is the pain the worst when it is passing through the tubes from the kidney to the bladder or when the stone actually passes through the genital area while urinating? How much (in comparison the the rest of the process) pain is there when the stone passes through the final tract of the genitals?

    Can the stone get stuck anywhere? Are there any medical concerns?

    Also, any tips on making it pass quickly?

    • ANSWER:
      The biggest pain will be when he is urinating and the kidney stones come out..That will be very painful. Im guessing that they sent him home with either Hydrocodone or Oxycodone. Now these are very strong painkillers, but depending on how well he can take pain, they may not help as much as he will want.

      It is possible for a kidney stone to get stuck somewhere, but it is unlikely.

      I would suggest going to the hospital and saying that the meds are not strong enough, maybe they will put you on a stronger dose of oxycodone or even morphine if it is that bad, but depending on the doctor, he may or may not change it..
      Good luck

    Kidney stone entered bladder after three days since initial pain, okay to urinate it out?
    I'm trying to avoid a doctor visit and just suck it up. But considering I don't know the size of the stone, I'm curious if its dangerous to try and pass it through my urethra.

    Semi-severe pain three days ago (Sunday morning), but lasted 20 mins. Monday morning was less pain that lasted about 15 minutes, but later that afternoon it hurt for a few hours due to me laying down rolling around on my back, not able to get comfortable. After slouching in my chair (pressure off my back/kidney) for 20 mins it went away. Tuesday was very mild. A few 5-min chair breaks took care of discomfort. Wednesday morning I can feel the stone low in my pelvis, pain and discomfort (not as bad as Monday). Sitting in chair didnt work, pain was more from the stone and not my kidney. About two hours of this and the pain fades causing me to urinate. Stone passed into my bladder, urine behind it went into my bladder and urethra.

    Seeing as its only been three days and no blood, should I try and urinate it out?

    • ANSWER:
      some kidney stones can be flushed out of the system when urinating but sometimes, the stone gets lodged into the urethra causing further damage to your urinary system..

      you can try straining your urine to check if you're flushing it out but let me tell you that a visit to your nephrologist is what you really need, if the stone is too to flush out big--surgery is needed but if it's still small, i think they will recommend you to drink (im not really sure if it's cranberry or apple juice) something that can dissolve it and flush it out of ur system..

      drink lots of water and avoid salty food!
      take care of ur kidneys!

    Severe kidney-region pain but no stones on ultrasound? Still hurts after 3 days on Motrin 600...?
    My husband recently has been reporting pain around his right kidney, extending from his back towards the front of his body and downward. Our first thought was kidney stones, but he has since been to the doctor, who had an ultrasound done and no kidney stones were found. It is definitely possible that he already passed a stone, but the kidney pain has gotten worse since then. It is probably worthwhile to mention that blood was detected in his urine (prompting the ultrasound) but he has no fever or other signs of infection.

    They prescribed him hi strength Motrin for 3 days (followed by 'as needed') to calm any inflammation. He is on day 3, and the pain has only gotten worse and he says it now extends up his back to his arm and down his leg. Again, no fever or anything but we have no idea what this could be and his doctor won't be in until Tuesday (she hasn't really been that much help so far...) Any ideas? I'm worried sick...
    Thank you Nicholas but he has no fever and has been suffering from this for a while. I actually had a kidney infection myself so severe that I was hospitalized for 5 days with intravenous antibiotics running a 102 fever...I would think that if it was an infection he would be running a fever by now??

    • ANSWER:
      If I were you I wouldn't wait until Tuesday - try to contact an emergency urologist ASAP for second opinion and possibly a proper kidney X-ray with contrast (a.k.a. IVP). It is a more thorough examination than an ultrasound, and since the pain has gotten worse, there may be a stone there after all.

    Can a kidney stone causes pain before descending?
    Two nights ago I had to go to the ER because the sharp pain in my back and side. I knew it was the kidney stone because I have had a CAT scan done a few months ago but I've never passed it. My urologist once told me that sometimes a kidney stone stays in your kidney for life without passing it. Well, two nights ago I had this very strong pain and than I starting womiting so when I got to the ER they gave me a urine test and put me an IV. They found blood on my urine and yes they said it was a kidney stone but the doctor didn't think it was necessary to have a CAt scan done. Well the story is that before they even gave me the pain medication my pain wasn't so much anymore but they gave to me anyway. Tehy send me home after a few hours and all day yesterday I didn't have any pain even without pain medication so I was thinking is it possible that the kidney stone just moved around my kidney and it caused that pain? I know I didn't pass any stone.

    • ANSWER:
      the stones are moving around and rubbing , I would not worry too much just make sure that you still are feeling good and if not call your doctor

    Pain from Kidney Stone...?
    After 2 days of extreme suffering from my lower back with symptoms such as vomitting and stomach ache and stuff, I done an ultra sound and discovered that i have kidney stones. While 3 to 4 of them are silent stones that are just sitting in my kidney, one of it somehow got stuck on the ureter --> which causes my extreme pain. It is the worse pain I have ever endure.

    Everso I wonder, what would this happen to me. I am female, 18 years of age, which means the chance of me getting kidney stones is like a lot less than 1%.

    Anyway, the doctors recommended that I take tons of fluids (2-3 quarts or 4 - 20 oz bottles) a day. I have been doing that for couple days now.

    I am not sure whether I passed the stone or not, but the pain is not bad today. The only thing I feel is sortness from my back and lack of appetite. Hopefully the stone has been flushed, but I doubt!

    I would like to know if there's any thing I could do when the pain comes back again - something beside medication. T

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry. There isn't much yuo can do if the pain returns. Treatment includes:

      Pain relief
      Inserting a stent into the ureter until the stones pass (by surgeon)
      Ultrasound shocks to the stones
      Telescope surgery to remove the stones
      Open surgery (big & stubborn stones)

      Keep drinking. Get blood tests to see if your blood chemistry is causing the stones. Good luck

    When passing a Kidney Stone?
    I went to the Emergency Room Wednesday morning with the most terrible abdominal pain that I've ever felt in my life. 5 hours later I was told by the ER doctor that I had a Kidney Stone. He prescribed me Vicodin and gave me a small white toilet bucket to urinate in and a small strainer to catch the stone. I've never had a Kidney Stone before so this is totally new to me. The doctor told me that when I experience the pain, that the stone is actually moving. It's now Friday and still no stone. :-/ I was told it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I am still experiencing the intense pain, but it only seems to come in the morning. Everyone around me claims the stone would've passed by now and that maybe I just didn't see it. I'm not blind...there hasn't been a stone in my little bucket at all. Plus I can still feel pain. So my question there anything I will notice right before it passes? Will I still experience pain, or will it go away after?? I am very confused on this. Lol. My doctor also said that I should have a burning sensation and discolored urine right before passing. I haven't experienced this at all. Just the intense abdominal pain, Thanks for any help in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I am on my second kidney stone and know what you are going through. I was just as confused as you were. One of the things that I realized when going through my first was that the symptoms vary from person to person, and the time that it takes to pass can also vary. From what I've read, most people pass within 6 weeks, depending on the size of the stone. I was one of the lucky ones with a large stone, so it took me longer than the 6 weeks. If you are still having the pain, the stone has not passed.

      In my first experience, I too had the severe pain that sent me to the ER. Outside of that pain, I had general urinary discomfort (the burning sensation you mention) that would range from mild to severe, but was nowhere near the pain that sent me to the ER. This urinary discomfort would sometimes go away with me for a few hours or days, but then would resume. I was told that the pain sensation would seem to lower towards my bladder as the stone was getting ready to pass. I did not experience this. My symptoms pretty much stayed consistent until I passed it. As I was finally passing it, it felt like something was poking me in my urethra, which was an entirely different sensation that I previously experienced. As I urinated, I felt it move and then saw it go into the toilet. My stone was large and I've been told that if you have a small one, you may not see it, which is why the ER doc gave you the strainer. After I passed it, all pain was gone.

      If you haven't already, I would suggest either getting an ultrasound or CT scan to see where the stone is and how big; and to take that information to a go to a urologist. If the stone is too big, then you will not be able to pass it and the urologist will have to remove it for you. In the meantime, what has helped me is to drink lots of water...this seems to decrease some of the irritation. And take pain meds as needed. These really helped me get through my stone.

      I hope this helps.

    kidney stone? ovaries? pain after urinating?
    i ONCE and a while
    will pee and twoards the end of it, it feels like something is kind of clamping and i can't quite finish. and i try to stand up but i hardly can because of a weird clamping down feeling on both sides of the lower abdomen

    it doesn't always happen but im sure it aint a good thing
    its been going on for months, it only happens like once every 3 weeks or i dont know

    i was thinking it could be my ovaries
    or maybe i'm gonna have to pass some sorta stone in the near future

    don't know

    what you think

    • ANSWER:
      uti, bladder infection..go to the doctor

    I think I have a kidney stone. Can your pain decrease some before you pass it?
    Yesterday out of the blue I started to get this pain in the left side of my back and side and then all of a sudden it got really severe and I felt like I was going to throw up. It started to decrease some after a few minutes and then a little more through out the day. Today I still have some pain but it has moved down to like the groin area. Do you think I passed it and didn't realize it or its still there and has just moved down?

    • ANSWER:
      its may have passed in peices its really possible. usually the pain increases and stayes severe for days. If the pain is still decreasing or stays minimal for the next few days u should be okay. But if you start to have a sharp sharp pain over and over go see your Dr they can prescribe things that will help it be "removed" quicker and decrease the pain

    Passing a kidney stone?
    Can you still have pain urinating after you pass a kidney stone? And how long will this last? Does anything help?

    • ANSWER:

    I passed a kidney stone 2 days ago. Is it common to have dull pain in my lower back still?
    I recently went to the ER with sever side pain and found out that I had 1 kidney stone. They did a CT scan and told me the stone was about to fall into my bladder and that I should pass it within 12 hours. 3 hours later I passed the stone. It's been 2 days now and I am having some dull pain in my lower back. It's not in the same area the sever pain was and it's not NEARLY as bad. Is this common after passing a kidney stone? I also still have the urge to urinate quit frequently even after just urinating. The doctor told me that was normal when you have kidney stones, but I'm still experiencing this after 2 days again not as bad. Is all this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      you should go and see your doctor about this, mainly to have blood urine tests to check everythings fine. it will probably just be bruised/sore cos stones are horribel. but still go see a doctor

    kidney stones with pain after peeing?
    I have looked at a million websites and they all say 'pain while urinating'. In my case, though, I am having pain after urination. Is that normal?? does that mean that I am getting ready to pass the stone finally? Please help, can't afford to go to the doctor and this is my first instance with stones, so, I am very blind to what is going on with me.
    I have already been diagnosed with kidney stones though. Just by chance they showed up on a CT Scan at the Hospital.

    • ANSWER:
      Kidney stones are in your kidney which is higher up in your body and not really affected after you urinate. Kidney pain is usually in your sides and back area. Sounds more like a bladder infection, your bladder is the organ your urine is emptying directly out of when you urinate. A bladder infection, aka urinary tract infection or UTI, may also involve your urethra which is causing the pain to you. The problem is probably going to need medication but they will also tell you to drink lots of water and cranberry juice (the real stuff).

    recurring kidney stone not passing, misdiagnosed?
    40yo/m. 11 months ago Severe back pain for a week after falling off bike. blood in urine (lot). CT at ER said 5mm stone, drink lots of water, FloMax. Bloody urine for 1 wk. 3mo ago went to Dr about persistent back and side pain over several weeks. Another CT scan =7mm stone in bladder. pain was gone by the time for CT - could have saved some $ waiting another week :( No extreme urination pains, stones, or sand passed either time. Go through phases of filtering urine with coffee filter. Usually the filter dries clear, sometimes there is a layer of white powdery substance only visible after drying. Twice they've told me calcium stones based on CT but haven't passed anything painful. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to go to a urologist.

      All the ER has to do is STABILIZE you if you don't have insurance, which usually means making sure what you have is not life threatening right then and that you leave the ER with your pain in control. Meanwhile, you still have the stone and later the pain comes back with the blood...PLUS a big ER bill later.

      A urologist might do lithotripsy (sound waves to break up the stone) or just take a wait and see attitude (drink lots of water, etc) or do surgery.

      If you don't have insurance, call the public health department and ask about free or low cost clinics.

    Kidney Stone aftermath help..?
    I just passed a kidney stone today in the ER at around 1:00pm est,pain went away after along with pressure to have to urinate. I got home around 4:00pm est,went to the store,had dinner and had a shower. At around 7:30pm est I started having pressure to pee a lot and have gone in streams and little drips at a time.

    Does this mean there still are bits of the stone getting out? They sent me home after the cat scan so im guessing the worst is over.

    Is it normal to still feel pressure but no pain after kidney stone passing aftermath?

    Thanks for you time!
    Thanks for the well wishes Windy.

    Been that sort of day.

    • ANSWER:
      I had one once, and when it passed all was normal again right away. The symptoms you describe were what I had before the pain started. If they didn't do any imaging work they may have thought there was only one but there could in fact be more. I'd suggest calling them to get real medical advice.

    Passed a Kidney Stone 2 months ago..get a similar "pain" every now & then?
    I went to the E.R. for a 4mm kidney stone back in late August, the discomfort consisted of pain from my testicles to the left side of my stomach (and the need to pee A LOT). Turns out the stone passed from my Kidney to my Ureter & that's where it got "stuck". I passed it roughly 3 days after my E.R. visit.

    On occasion, I'll feel a similar pain..particularly in my testes, if only for a second or two (never longer). In fact, I felt a similar pain while I was writing this (twice today), but again, ONLY for a second or two (count to 1 in your head...not long at all). I'll only get these 1-2 second pains maybe 3-4 times a week. Could I have remnants from the previous stone or could these be new ones??? My dad (who had visited the E.R. for kidney stones TWICE), says its normal & he'll get similar pain every now & then as well...but this doesn't sound normal to ME.

    • ANSWER:
      I passed a kidney stone about 3 yrs ago. I too will sometimes get that dull testicle pain. Very rarely though. So I believe its normal. If you have another one, you'll know! They're kinda hard to miss since the unbearable pain and all that comes with getting one.

    Kidney stones never passed, pain in groin area?
    When I was like 14 I was diagnosed with a UTI, doc sent me home with medicine and of course - I never finished the Rx. Two days after my 18th birthday I buckled over in pain and couldn't urinate. Dad took me to the E.R. and I was told I had some small kidney stones. They sent me off with pain meds, a weird little device to pee into to see if the stones pass. The stones never passed and I'm almost 21 in the next month. Well in this time I've been having off-and-on pain in the groin area, it isn't daily but it comes on and goes after a day. It's uncomfortable but not debilitating like when I was 18.

    Do you think this could be KS related? Would a regular physician be able to test me for this? And how do you go about detecting a kidney stone - just a urine sample, or...

    Sorry -- I HATE doctors. I want to be prepared in case I decide to go.
    LASERED out?!

    • ANSWER:

    I have sever pain in my kidney during urination a day after kidney stone removed and stint put in. cant see dr?
    Just had kidney stone removed by laser surgery. Dr installed a stint from blader to kidney. have been home for 1 day, but tonight when I urinated I almost passed out from the pain. It was in my kidney, started when I had the sensation to urinate, but put me on the floor while urinating. But left when I was done. Like the bladder was pushing urine back into my kidney and out the urethra at the same time. What do I do? Cant talk to my dr until Monday, this is friday night.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the Emergency Room if you are in that much pain

    Can you pass a kidney stone and not know it?
    I previously had sudden pain in my left kidney which turned out to be a kidney stone that was jagged and was removed with surgery. Recently I had pain in my left kidney again not as bad, but after a few weeks, the pain subsided somewhat with blood and mucus. Could a smaller stone have passed?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, definitely.
      I never had an operation for one, but I have had many small ones.

      I was in emergency, about 4 yrs ago, saying, wow, I am in pain, and I have chills and shaking.

      Simple scan showed a tiny, tiny stone, that got stuck on the way down, wich caused a ureathra infection.( it's a long slinny, spagetti like tube the stone travels down to get to the urinary blader).

      You got to drink lots and lots of water.

      Many people pass them, and never even know they had one.

    Why am I experiencing severe pain after having a kidney stone removed?
    Last week I had a 3.5 mm kidney stone removed (broken up with a laser), and had a stent inserted to
    help pass the fragments. The stent was extremely uncomfortable and I couldn't wait to have it removed yesterday. The removal procedure was not bad, but about 30 min. afterwards, I had severe pain in my left flank and groin area, along with vomiting. My urologist had told me that I would experience only
    "mild discomfort" and told me to take ibuprofen. I'm having pain worse than before I had the stone removed! I was also told the discomfort should subside in 24 hours. Has anyone ever had a stent like this and if so, did they have this kind of pain? How long does/did it last? I cannot believe I was not given a stronger painkiller for this. I'm supposed to return to work tomorrow and there's no way I can if I continue being in pain like this. I get the feeling my urologist just thinks I'm being a big baby, but Ive been through natural childbirth, had gallstones, and a hysterectomy and NEVER felt like this. Is this kind of pain normal after having a stent removed? If it continues, should I demand stronger pain medication to help cope? I've never been so miserable in my life. I will never agree to having a stent ever again!

    • ANSWER:
      JPart of being a doctor is making sure the patient is not in pain.. I'd get on the phone and not get off until i got some help...Or just go to the emergency and make them call your doc ... this isnt right they leave you this way , for any reason....
      take care
      happy holidays anyway

    i have a kidney stone 6 months before, after some medicine and drinking lot of water i passed it in pee.?
    but i feel little pain time by time, i got x-ray and ultrasounds there was only stone which i passed, in x-ray reports the stone was not in my kidney it was in ureter, now after 4 to 5 months i feel tiny feeling not that much kidney pain but the feeling are there for some times.please let me know what to do?

    • ANSWER:

    After kidney stone symptoms?
    I'm sixteen. On Tuesday (the 18th), I randomly passed a kidney stone. Over all, I was only in pain for about an hour. The pain started to dull as we arrived at the ER.

    My blood was taken and the nurses (along with my mom, who has had a kidney stone), said that the pain would probably come back which is way I was getting set up to be hooked up to an IV. They told me to go to the bathroom (in a cup), and when I came out, I had passed my kidney stone.

    I had a CT scan and they found out that I had a UTI (which I have antibiotics for, to finish next Tuesday), and hydronephrosis of my right kidney.. We went to the doctors (Thursday), and the UTI is gone but she wants me to stay on my antibiotic.

    Every since I passed my kidney stone, I've been feeling very achey (which the doctor said should have gone away by now), tired and just out of it. I have frequent waves of nausea but no actual vomit... And I randomly black out. Only for a few seconds, my vision goes black and then fades back in, along with dizziness.

    I don't know if this is normal, what I'm supposed to do, what. So if someone could tell me, or if I need to call my doctor or doing something for it...or if this is just a reaction to the antibiotic I'm on.

    Yikes... Thanks, I'll have to get it checked out tomorrow :-

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know what's going on with you, but I've had several kidney stones and i can assure you that the symptoms such as blacking out and dizziness have nothing to do with kidney stones. Please see your doctor as soon as possible.

    Can I pass a kidney stone without urinating?
    I had all the symptoms of a kidney stone including the excruciating pain and it felt like something was moving out "down there" but the pain all stopped (after 2 hours and lots of morphine) before I ever urinated. This was a first time for me so I'm a little confused. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      The morphine could have blocked all pain and you passed it without knowing it.

    was i passing a kidney stone?
    For the past week i have had some discomfort in my left testicle.Yesterday and today the inside of my penis would feel like a pinching thing.It would be for a second or two,then stop then maybe a half hour later it would happen again throughout the day?
    It never burned when i had to pee.
    I would have the urge to pee real bad but when i tried,very little drops would come out.
    This urination feeling kept happening.Id feel like id have to pee real bad,but everytime,it was only a drop.Then within 2 minutes,id have that urge again.It kept happening every 2 minutes for an hour.
    I then called my Dr and they said it could be a kidney stone passing?
    I thought it was an enlarged prostrate because i had an enlarged prostrate before.
    But this felt different.
    After the DRs office said they think it was a stone i had to pee again.Just then instead of just a little few drops of pee coming out,it suddenly burst out,like something had been blocking the urine and i peed normally and felt instant relief,no pain,no sense of urgency to pee?
    I dont think it was my prostrtae after all?
    Maybe i was passing a stone and that sudden burst was the stone coming out and with it,my pee?
    What do you think?
    No smart answers.We are adults and this is a medical condition.

    • ANSWER:

    which is more painful childbirth or a man passing his kidney stone?
    at the end of october, my bf had a kidney stone. apparently it wasnt his 1st either. he is older than i am, im only 21. i remember i could hear him scream when he passed it. they made him piss into a strainer that fit on the toilet. when he finally did pass it, after seeing it & how big it was, i cant believe a man could pass something so big and hard through his penis, no wonder he screamed when it came out. anyways, now that i recently found out that im pregnant. ive heard some people say that passing a kidney stone for a man is like childbirth. my bf said that i should prepare for a lot of pain & that i may want to hurt him in the delivery room, he said he based this off his ex-wife when she had their kids. he said its not meant to scare me, but is telling me the truth based off his experiences. He said the only good thing is that i'll be able to get a lot of pain reduction whereas with his stone, he had to stand over the toilet & aim his penis for a strainer!

    • ANSWER:
      I have had kidney stones for 13 years, and I had a baby recently. I also had stones during my pregnancy and had to have a stent. I have to say that the stones are very painful...constant pain until the stone moves or passes. With a stone, they can give you effective pain medication. With labor, the pain management is limited, but the pain comes in waves. You get a brief rest in between to prepare for the next contraction. I thought I could handle labor easy because of all of the kidney problems and surgeries I have had. Nope, I FREAKED out until I got the epidural. With that said, I'd take labor because once I had my baby, it was over and I had a beautiful baby girl who was all mine.

    How long can it take to pass a kidney stone?
    This is the fourth stone I've had already, and I'm only 23. Most stones passed spontaneously, after a couple days of severe pain.

    This one appears to be a different story, though. I've been in and out of severe pain for a week now, and I'm starting to wonder when I'm going to pass it, and I was curious to see what the average time was to pass the stone, and, how long can it take at the max.

    • ANSWER:
      If you have been in pain for that long with it, you need to see a doctor as it may be too large to pass naturally. Kidney stones can cause an INCREDIBLE amount of pain. The first one I had I eneded up in the ER on dilaudid. I've had my share with the longest taking 2 or 3 days.

    i think i may be passing a kidney stone...please help! :( ?
    well it all started a couple of days ago when i was peeing i had stinging pains. then it was pains plus a little blood after wards. so i went to doctors and got meds for a possible infection. now im having pains in my lower back. all of which im pretty sure are symptoms of kidney stones.
    so now im wondering how long these pains are going to be. what can i do to relieve pain/back this go by smoothly. and when i gets to passing the kidney stones will it hurt?

    • ANSWER:

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