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Dissolving Kidney Stones With Apple Cider Vinegar

Written By: admin - Oct• 23•11

Your doctor to herbalists agree that you should drink lots of water when you have kidney stones. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day is the number one way to flush kidney stones from your body. If you have any conditions that limit the amount of fluids you consume, ask your doctor how much water it's safe for you to drink. Help prevent kidney stones from coming back by drinking plenty of water and avoiding unhealthy drinks like soda because dehydration is a common cause of kidney stones. If your kidney stones aren't large enough that they require a medical procedure, you can utilize herbs to assist in flushing them out of your system. Along with a proper diet and plenty of water, herbs have been used for many centuries to help with the symptoms and dissolving of kidney stones. Bearberry, which is a diuretic and antiseptic, is great for a lot of crises with the urinary tract, including kidney stones. Another valuable herb is Khella, which aids minor stones in passing through your body more simply. You can come across blends of herbs in the shape of teas and tinctures in natural food markets or online. Herbal teas, along with water, are the best types of beverages to consume when you have kidney stones.

Another effective remedy for kidney stones is apple cider vinegar. Look for raw apple cider vinegar and dilute it with water. Adding some raw honey can be beneficial, in addition to cutting the sour taste of the vinegar. It is helpful when you take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar several times a day. Try making a salad dressing with the apple cider vinegar if you don't like taking it by itself. Taking apple cider vinegar every day has helped many people not only control the pain of kidney stones but also helped them get over the condition faster.

Your first priority when you have kidney stones is controlling the pain but you also want to get rid of them as quickly as possible and prevent them from returning. Using the above treatments can help you improve your health, especially the health of your kidneys. So drink enough water, get regular exercise, and eat a natural diet because this can help you avoid getting kidney stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Apple Cider Vinegar Pills for Kidney Stones?
    I am prone to kidney stones and keep hearing apple cider vinegar will help dissolve them. Well, I tried the apple cider vinegar treatment every way possible, cold, warm, mixed with honey, water, and lemon, holding my nose, you name it and it's horrible no matter what. I am just curious if the apple cider vinegar pills will also help dissolve the stones. They're so much easier to swallow and I'm really hoping this is the answer to my stones! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Vinegar is medically useless, although it is delicious on salads. Even if it was helpful those pills are usually just milk sugar. You should see a doctor about your kidney stones.

    Does anyone know any good and safe natural home remedies for Kidney Stones?
    I get Kidney Stones. I'm a 24 year old female. My first stone was when I was 18 years old. I believe in the left kidney, if I am remembering correctly. If anyone reading this has ever had them, then you know they're excruciating! :( At that time, I had insurance (I live in the state of PA so I was covered under some PA insurance for children called CHIP.) so, I went to the local ER. Determined I had one small stone. It was a couple millimeters. They said to drink TONS of water and try to catch it, and gave me Percocet for the pain. I ended up passing the stone after about 2 days. But, was unable to catch it, so I don't know what causes my stones. I currently have no health insurance and no money to pay for doctors and such, and visits to the ER are very expensive here.

    Back in December I got the same pain I get from a Kidney Stone in my right kidney. Went to the ER, they didn't do much for me, since I have no way to pay. They give you very minimal treatment if you can't pay. They basically just gave me a prescription for Vicodin and 800mg of Ibuprofen tablets. I had pain off and on for about a week, eventually, it just stopped. I never did pass the stone though, I'm sure of that. Then about a week ago, I started getting really bad pain in my left kidney. So, I guess I have a new stone in there. I had some Vicodin left from December. But, I used all that. Now all I have is the Ibuprofen. It doesn't really work. I should go to the ER when I get pain again, but I am tired of racking up huge bills that I can't pay. Not to mention, they usually just give Vicodin for the pain (which no longer works on me) and if I ask for something else it might just look like I only want the drugs. So, I'm trying not to go to the ER unless I really have to. Thankfully, today has been pain free. I hope it stays that way. But, I'm sure I didn't pass the stone. As far as I know, I have at least one in each kidney.

    So, what I am wondering, does anyone know any real (and SAFE) natural remedies that can help break up/dissolve kidney stones? I've been reading up online about all this stuff, I read that Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with some warm water is supposed to help certain kinds of kidney stones. I don't know what mine are from though or if the ACV solution will help. But, I started trying it last night. I also read Lemon Juice with Olive Oil helps, but there is no way I am trying that one. That sounds horrible. I am just barely managing the ACV. I also read Lemon Juice with water helps. I might be able to try that one. They're the only ones I know though.

    So, please, if anyone knows any other safe, natural home remedies I can try that would help break up/dissolve my stones, that'd be great. Also, for those familiar with the remedies I already mentioned, does anyone know if they're good for all kinds of kidney stones? Or, only certain kinds? And, which kinds are these remedies good for? Sorry for this being so long and informational, I just wanted to be as specific as possible about my history in case it helps. I'm just desperate to try to get rid of these stones and get some relief. Please, honest and thoughtful answers only!

    • ANSWER:
      You need water therapy and fresh juices. You can try grapes and apples blended. No Sugar. Drink a lot of juices and water. Get well soon!

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